We All Love


But as our Client, we want you to be aware

of the fine print that goes along with

your Yard Art Greetings rental.

So before you request a reservation please

make sure you read this page in its entirety. 

We want you to enjoy your experience with our Yard Art Greetings and hope you consider us

for all of your celebratory needs.

Thanks for choosing Yard Art Greetings.

We look forward to making you, your honoree 

and the entire neighborhood SMILE.

Rental Policy

Save The Date

Once you submit a Reservation Request your payment is required 

to confirm and hold your date.

However, we reserve the right to decline a delivery that we feel is out of our service area.

Be sure to get approval from any HOA, management or similar boards.

We never display negative, "mean" or offensive sayings.

House Rules

Once the Yard Art Greeting and design elements are in place,

Please just LOOK & Don't Touch.

Do not affix any other party decoration like balloons to the display.

Balloons heat up in the sun, can explode and cause damage to the signs.


Missing or Damaged signs could cost upwards of $8 per piece depending

on what is damaged or missing.


Please Do NOT Throw Them Away or Vandalize them in any way.

Please remember to notify your honoree if renting the display  for someone else.

We will place a small sign in your yard with our company name, phone number and website.

This is to ensure everyone knows who to call regarding the sign.

We ask kindly that you don't move or hide this signage.

Don't forget to take some photos with your fabulous Yard Art Greetings.

Just remember not to move them around for the photo op.

And don't forget to share them on Social Media & Tag Us.

@YardArtGreetings  |  #YardArtGreetings

Prep The Yard

Be sure to CLEAR YOUR YARD of any "Poo"!

We ARE NOT Permitted to place the signs in yards that have not been cleaned up.

RE-SCHEDULE your lawn crew for a day our Yard Art isn't in your yard. 


to Turn Off your SPRINKLERS the Night Before & Day of your Rental.

Surprising Someone Not In Your Household

For Safety Reasons PLEASE Make Sure Someone in the Home is

Aware that We Will be in Their Yard the Night before.

If you would like to keep your reservation anonymous you must let us know.

We do not offer anything more than just the name of the person who reserved the Yard Art.

If we are asked by the honoree to take down the Yard Art we will do so immediately.


Would you mind passing along these Top Tips too!


Please DO NOT Let Anyone, especially Children, play on or around the Yard Art Greetings display.

Yard Art Greetings and its representatives and affiliates will not be responsible or liable for any injury caused to any person or animal while our materials are rented and in yours or your recipient's yard.

Delivery | Set up | Pick up Time Frame

We begin installing greetings around 8:00 pm the evening before your event,

or 6 am the morning of and will

pick up around 8:00 pm the day of rental unless prior arrangements are made.

Same Day Deliveries set up times will be determined by our availability,

however we do try our best to accommodate your request.

We want your booking to be Easy Peasy...Lemon Squeazy


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Clear the Yard of
Animals & Poo
Yard Art Greetings, Yard Card Orange County, water
Turn off Sprinklers
Night Before & Day of Rental

By agreeing to have Yard Art Greetings participate in your event, you agree that Yard Art Greetings and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during the set-up or removal of any rental.​

Yard Art Greetings respects your privacy. We do not sell our clients’  personal information to third parties. 

Already have a Reservation?  Here's where you acknowledge our Terms & Conditions

Thanks for Choosing YARD ART GREETINGS! Enjoy!

Refund Policy

We understand that unexpected things happen!

We will gladly reschedule or reimburse you 100%,

as long as cancellation is made within 48 hours of delivery.


Reasons refunds will not be given are as follows:


Incorrect delivery address. 

Please confirm your order when you receive your confirmation.


Recipient declines the delivery.


Community Gate Access not granted. 

Please let the community guard know the date we will be arriving,

or provide us with the gate access code.

If yard is in an undesirable condition and we are unable

to stake the yard, a partial refund will be given.

Please be sure to water and mow your yard

24 hours prior to us arriving.  

No refunds will be given due to any animals that prevent

the display from being set up. 

Remove any animals from the area where the Yard Art Greetings

will be displayed for the duration of your rental

and please make sure to clean up the yard of any "poo"Thank you :)


Refund Policy:

If you must cancel your booking within 48 hours, you can choose to receive half of your booking rate as a refund, or you may leave the full amount on credit for a future booking date, based on our availability to be used within 12 months.


In the event of bad weather, we may not be able to set up lawn displays.

Bad weather includes heavy rain, lightning/thunderstorms, hurricanes,

high winds and any other Act of God that would put our team or your lawn at risk.


No refunds will be given due to wrong address given by customer,

after contact attempts go un-received.


No refunds will be given due to the homeowner requesting us to

remove the lawn display.

No refunds will be given for circumstances that prevent us from setting up the display, that are out of our control, including home owner associations.



 By Placing an Order with Yard Art Greetings,

you agree to all Policies stated above. 

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